Branding concepts which are unique but affordable

We ensure brand visibility at your location while following keenly your brand guidelines. Our solutions range from plotted vinyl (stickers) to digital printed one-way vision stickers or solid stickers.

Indoor branding

This involves putting selected graphics that have been digitally printed on vinyl. This helps the client to communicate brand values, product offers, staff values, code of conduct among others.

Outdoor branding

This involves the use of vinyl (stickers) to communicate brand messages on the outside of the premises. This could involve the use of:
• Oneway stickers (people inside the premised can see you but you can't see them,
• Printing on ABS (a plastic material whose print can resist the weather elements for a long time)
• Printed laminated vinyl to protect the ink from the elements
• Plotted vinyl like Avery and 3M that can last for over ten years

Product branding

This ranges from branding helmets, cars, delivery boxes to mention but a few.

Decorative Branding

This is usually done using frost vinyl that can be cut to a different pattern so as to achieve a decorative feel to an environment.

Why choose us?

We follow brand guidelines keenly and ensure that we provide long-lasting solutions to ensure a high return on investment for your branding. We have a wealth of experience from several projects thus we can advise on the best solution given the client’s needs and budget. We have also made many mistakes that we have resolved and learnt from and this ensures less problematic project execution.

Our process:

When we get the client brief about the project, we carry out a site visit. This is where we shall subject the brief to the context to ensure that the client has chosen the best solution. If we discover things that could change the brief, we point them out to the client. After we have agreed on the way forward we request for the brand guidelines to ensure that we choose the right colours and position artwork in the right places as specified by the guide. We then generate samples for the final sign off by the client before we go on to execute. We are usually available even after implementation to rectify issues that could have risen during installation that were not foreseen by the client or us.

Request for a quotation:

Please leave us a message and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.