We offer fabrication solutions which are affordable and durable.

Aluminium Fabrication

This involves fabrication of aluminium office partitions. We take on the project right from office partition design to the office fit out of the partitions. The design will take into consideration the office interior ensuring that colour themes are maintained or that they complement each other. We take on office refurbishment projects as well new office space projects.

Steel Fabrication

This ranges for drainage grating, burglar proofing, louvres, steel roof gutters to windows and doors. We ensure that we use the appropriate steel sections with the appropriate section thickness so as to ensure long lasting affordable solutions.

Glass Partitioning

Here solutions are mainly around frameless glass office partition where we use the appropriate glass thickness and type (toughened glass) to ensure long-lasting and safe durable solutions. These are usually modern office partitions that will set your office a class from the rest.

Gypsum Ceiling & Partitions

We offer room partitions using stud partitions and dry wall partitions. The project can range from new office walls or office separator walls, office ceiling to creating new room partitions for example server rooms.

Why choose us?

We work with integrity to provide the agreed-upon specifications. This ensures the projects executed are durable and offer a high return on investment. We pay attention to detail so that we achieve a good finish for all our fabrication projects.

Our process:

After getting a project brief from the client, we have a review meeting at the site to ensure that the specifications provided in the brief will serve the purpose. After we agree on the cost of the project, we will provide samples materials for a final sign off by the client. We then process to implement and install and handover the project to the client, here we will check with the client to ensure that all the specifications have been met before handing over the project.

Request for a quotation:

Please leave us a message and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.