We are a sign company that will walk with you from sign design to sign implementation. Our solution covers both outdoor signs and indoor signs. We offer building signage, light signs, led signs, banner signs, office door signs, wooden signs, custom metal signs, acrylic signs, door signs, office signs, wall signs, custom vinyl lettering, store signs and shop signs.

Our commercial signs and advertising signs will ensure that your location stands out. Our signage concepts are unique and affordable and we use materials that ensure that they last long so that your investment is spread over a longer period of time.

3D Signage

These could be lit or non-Lit signage:

Non-lit signage could be letter cutouts of acrylic Perspex or foam board mounted on a background of choice. The thickness of these letters varies from 3mm to 15mm. They could be wall mounted at the reception or in the lounge of the location. They could also be mounted on an ACP board as external signage especially in a location where the signage is not relevant at night. We also build 3D block letters at a height of 1m that have been Used on fashion runways and product launches

Lit signage usually involves building letters out of acrylic Perspex and backlighting them with LEDs. One could have the 3D lettering front lit with floodlights or even backlit with floodlights to create a “halo” effect around the edges of the letters (a glow around the edges of the letters).

Light boxes

These are usually aluminium framed signages with graphics printed on Panaflex (a material that lets light through allowing the graphics to be seen at night). They can be backlit using florescent or LEDs. These light boxes can be wall mounted or they can be held up by steel stands on the side of the road.

Receptions Signage

These can range from laser-cut lettering placed on transparent acrylic with chrome spacers (this will provide a feeling as though the lettering is floating in the air) to laser-cut anodized aluminium lettering cut and placed on a feature wall like in the Dunlop project.

Pylon Signage

This is usually steel fabricated roadside signage towering up to 6 meters high sometimes. This can be used to communicate different messages from the same client or multiple messages from different clients within the same location. An example of a pylon is the price display signage at most fuel stations.

Why choose us?

We follow brand guidelines keenly and ensure that we provide long-lasting solutions to ensure a high return on investment for your branding. We have a wealth of experience from several projects thus we can advise on the best solution given the client’s needs and budget. We have also made many mistakes that we have resolved and learnt from and this ensures less problematic project execution.

Our Process:

When we get the client brief about the project, we carry out a site visit. This is where we shall subject the brief to the context to ensure that the client has chosen the best solution. If we discover things that could change the brief, we point them out to the client. After we have agreed on the way forward we request for the brand guidelines to ensure that we choose the right colours and position artwork in the right places as specified by the guide. We then generate samples for the final sign off by the client before we go on to execute. We are usually available even after implementation to rectify issues that could have risen during installation that were not foreseen by the client or us.

Request for a quotation:

Please leave us a message and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.